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Our Services include Hire Purchase, Lease Finance, Plant Finance, Contract Hire & More


We have many years experience in the Asset Finance sector and have built a reputation on expertise and customer services.


It starts with you - it's your project, plan or idea and we are here to help.


We have many years experience in the Asset Finance sector and have built a reputation on expertise and customer services.


Its starts with you - it's your project, plan or idea and we are here to help.


Right from the outset, we listen and discuss your requirements. Once we understand what you have in mind we'll talk through a wide range of products and discuss how these could be tailored to your project.


The right Finance For Your Business. Here are examples of various options together with brief benefits :


Hire Purchase.


This form of capital purchase is similar to a cash buyer. This agreement carries a low deposit and flexible repayments over 12 to 84 months depending on age of asset and its longevity. The goods become legally yours at the end of the agreement.


You can claim capital allowances and the interest element is offset against tax. The Vat on the invoice purchase price is paid with the deposit and in most cases reclaimable. Hire Purchase is also referred to as 'HP'.


Lease Purchase.


This is essentially the same product as Hire Purchase but with a lower initial deposit.


Commercial Leasing


This is an agreement between a landlord and a business outlining terms and conditions of rental. A commercial lease is specific to using the asset for business or commercial purposes.


Vehicle Leasing


Renting a vehicle for an agreed amount of time for a fixed fee. There are many options to choose from which are best utilised depending on your circumstances. When it comes to sourcing vehicles for growing business, leasing can be more beneficial than purchasing outright.


Commercial Finance


With two kinds of commercial funding widely available to UK businesses, these being debt and equity funding, it's your job to determine the most suitable kind of finance for your situation. Debt financing usually arrives in the shape of a loan.


Finance Lease.


Low initial outlay with flexible rentals. The term depends on the age of the asset and its longevity. Vat is paid on the rentals and is usually reclaimable. The rentals are offset against tax. In the majority of cases you will not gain ownership of the goods at the end of the lease agreement, you will however receive a proportion of the new sale proceeds when the asset is sold.


Operating Lease


Also known as Off Balance Sheet funding. The assets financed do not appear on your balance sheet as a fixed asset. The funder arranges and builds in a residual value of the asset which helps keep the rentals lower. You simply pay a rental plus Vat for a period you wish to use the goods.


The rentals are offset against tax and Vat on the rentals is usually reclaimable. At the end of the pre arranged hire term the asset is returned in a pre agreed condition and usage which if exceeded may carry an excess charge.


Plant Finance


It's difficult assess the best method to purchase new machinery for a business. Often fresh, upgraded machinery is the best way of growing a business, however with plant vehicles being of the incredibly expensive nature that they are, it can be difficult to secure this. With the use of competitive hire purchase finance solution, you may be able to access the latest plant and machinery in the space of weeks, holding the title of the asset by the end of the process. Plant Finance makes this possible.


Contract Hire


Similar to Operating Lease primarily for cars and LCV. The maintenance element of the vehicle can be fixed into the monthly rentals.


Sale & Hp back / Sale and Leaseback


These types of agreements are useful if you have purchased an asset usually out of working capital due to time pressures. We can arrange Hire Purchase or Finance Lease agreement retrospectively crediting the funds back to your account.


The allowances, tax and Vat elements are the same as above.


Re- Finance


This type of agreement releases cash tied up in (usually) unencumbered assets. Can take the form of an Hire Purchase or Finance Lease.


Bank Loan


A product that can be used to finance unusual or intangible asset.


You can claim capital allowances, the interest is allowable against tax and the Vat is usually reclaimable.


With years of experience providing companies in contract hire, commercial leasing, vehicle leasing, hire purchase, and plant finance throughout North Wales, including Gwynedd, Denbighshire, Conwy, Llandudno, Anglesey and Colwyn Bay areas.



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